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Are you available for my date?

Availability is discussed upon initial contact. Once a contract is signed and a deposit is received, the date for your event is secured and you are guaranteed the performance.


Do you provide a written contract?

Absolutely! All professional entertainment companies operate under contracts, and we are no different. Performance contracts outline expectations and provide peace of mind to our clients that they will receive the highest quality service.


How many performance hours are included?

Price includes performance hours agreed upon as set forth in the terms of the contract. Is setup/teardown and travel time included? Yes, any quote received from us is for the total price of the performance.


Do you bring back-up equipment with you?

Absolutely. Although rare, technology does fail, which is why we bring backup equipment to ensure that the show will continue in the event of equipment damage or failure.


What do you wear?

The simple rule we follow is that we dress for the occasion. If a special dress is requested we will do our best to accommodate.


How do we decide what types of music are or are not played?

We discuss this ahead of time so there are no surprises the day of the event.


Do you do introductions and annoucements?

The DJ for your event is also your Master of Ceremonies. We will make all annoucements needed and communicate with the photographer, videographer, and venue.


Do you play requests?

We try to fit in all requests because the guests of a party normally appreciate the same tastes.

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